What to Wear for your Headshots

 In Session Preparation

It’s probably my most frequently asked question – what should I wear for my headshots? The answer depends largely on the look or message you want to get across – are you a laid-back creative? A slick, professional corporate? Think about your personal or business brand and how that might be portrayed in a portrait.

The main focus of a headshot is your face, so your upper half is more likely to feature than the bottom. I like to have one statement outfit and another standard option, perhaps what you’d consider your regular work ‘uniform’. Choose 2 or 3 favourite tops and then some complementary pants/skirt that you feel comfortable in. Shoes are unlikely to feature unless you request full length shots.

What colours work well in photos?

Solid colours or large patterns work best. Don’t be afraid to get creative! If you’re not a plain sort of person, don’t feel you have to dress down for your photos. Neutrals are always safe, but bolder colours can look great too.

Should I wear my glasses?

If you regularly wear glasses, wear them in your photos. You want people to recognise you in a room if they’ve only seen your photo previously. We can always do some shots with and without your glasses.

Can I bring props?

Yes! Props can add to your brand message or give a little hint as to your personality or interests. They can also help by giving you something to hold so you’re not left wondering what to do with your hands.

Jewellery and Little Details

Statement jewellery can add a lot of interest to your shots, if that’s your style. To add a little bit of colour, you could think about painting your nails before the shoot, particularly if you’re bringing props along as your hands will be featured when holding them.

Which colours should I avoid?

Solid black (e.g. black top under a black jacket) can really remove all definition and shape from your body. I also recommend staying away from red as it can reflect on your face and mess with skin tones.

If you can’t avoid a white shirt, put a jacket on to break things up a bit.

Don’t wear clothes with very thin/close stripes or tiny checks as the pattern can render strangely in photos (known as the moire effect). Avoid large logos, even if it’s a company logo. These can change and date your photos and are often distracting.

The Wrap-up

Bring a couple of options along to your shoot, especially if you’re prone to spilling your morning coffee 🙂 Make sure they’re clean and ironed and that you’re feeling as fresh as possible too. Most people are far more photogenic than they realise, so try to relax and enjoy the experience – it’ll come across in your smile and your final images!

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