personal branding

This ain’t no DIY headshot situation. If you want to be perceived as a serious (but not too serious) and credible expert in your field, you need to look the part. So let’s get you shining!


No fake stuff. No boring locations. No Blue Steel looks.

You’ve got a personality, so let’s see it! A great photo should make someone want to get to know you, and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for. If you’re the face of your brand, it’s essential to have a collection of images that you’re proud to show off (that don’t highlight all the late nights you’ve pulled to get here).


Looking natural in photos isn’t impossible, even if you hate having your photo taken. The secret is this: do what you’d normally do, on a regular day. GASP!

No, I won’t twist you into some weird power pose. You just do you, and I’ll find the best light, shoot from the right angle and BAM! Authentic images that build connection faster than a solo date with the Bachelor.


You could take a selfie before your next meeting, or trawl stock sites for more same-same content… or you could just pick from your custom Dropbox library, bypass the filters and get on with your day.

A few hours with me could sort you out with enough images for the next 3 months, and you won’t see these shots anywhere else.

“Hey Kate! I’ve just seen the photos and am absolutely in love! I love the colours, the movement and everything you’ve captured. It is so good! Thank you x”


What is Personal Branding Photography?

This is so much more than some fancy headshots. I’ll work with you to brainstorm content you didn’t even know you had, as we set out to photograph:


Help your customers know, like and trust you. Give them the one thing nobody else can – you! A few close-ups, plenty of candids and we’re done.


It works for the biggest brands, and it will work for you. Show the people what gets you out of bed and keeps you going.


Whether you sell products or services, we’ll create a substantial collection of images of you hard at work – making, consulting, packing, advising.


Your morning rituals, your behind-the-scenes, your office space and your local coffee spot. It’s all part of your story and it will all be covered.

Hello! My name is Kate.

I provide business owners with fresh and bright photography of their faces, spaces, products and services – photography that sells.

You’re busy answering enquiries, solving problems and making the daily dash to the post office. You don’t have time to take photos but your website is so out of date and you’re desperate for something to post on Instagram. And you’re not really sure how to use the fancy camera you bought anyway. I know how to use the fancy camera.

I’ve also got a marketing degree and a love for great design. But before we start snapping away? Let’s talk. Getting to know you and your brand is how I like to kick things off. I reckon this helps with the photos – digging around over a coffee so that I can help you say it all again in images.

I love the power of great visuals – the power to grab attention, to inform, to delight. They lift a brand above the crowd and say “Hey! This is the good stuff right here!”.

I want to help people find the good stuff.
I want to help them find you.

How It Works

Where to from here? Many of my clients are new to hiring a photographer, so I like to keep things simple.


    Click the button below to send me your details. I’ll respond within a couple of days and we can set up a face-to-face or Skype.


    I'll tell you about my process and approach and ask you all about your photographic dreams. If you're keen to proceed, I'll send you a quote.


    Contracts, deposits and calendars - oh my! Nothing too scary, just a little bit of admin to lock in your booking.


    We'll work together to choose locations, write a shot list, book hair and makeup and just generally get you ready to roll.


    This is where all the prep pays off and you 'accidentally' have a great time! Your photos will be with you about a week after the shoot.

“Oh wow, Kate! These are so genuinely magic, and it’s raining content in my little world again, so YAY! Can’t put into words how much we love them.”



Personal branding sessions start at $1,750 for 3 months worth of daily content.

Your booking includes:

  • a detailed Planning Session over lunch
  • professional hair and makeup
  • studio hire (if required)
  • a minimum of 90 edited images

A yearly package including 4 shoots and 12 months worth of daily content is available with monthly payments of $475.

Short on time but desperate for a do-over? Make a date with our next Headshot Day and clean up your profile pic act.

Ready to book?

Get in touch and tell me a little about your business and your image needs. I’ll get back to you with all the details, including pricing, within 48 hours. If you prefer to chat on the phone, you can reach me on 0412 002 676 (client enquiries only, telemarketers will be subjected to my singing).