Portraits & Headshots

A professional headshot can make or break your online presence. If your LinkedIn profile consists of a photo of you taken on a phone, with your ex cropped out, it’s time for an update.

Choose your own adventure:


Short & Shiny

Short & Shiny

Express sessions with clean, fresh backgrounds for a pro-fresh finish.

Custom & Creative

Custom & Creative

Take things next level with a truly personalised portrait session.

Personal Branding Photography

You, doing your thing, in your space or a dream location. Customers love knowing the people they buy from so give them what they want and put some personality into your pictures!

For business owners, bloggers, creatives and corporates – let’s use the thousand words a photo promises to say something about YOU. Go nuts with locations, props, outfits and accessories in two hours of visual power.

Pricing from $575 inc GST.

Headshot Days

Short on time but desperate for a do-over? Make a date with our next Headshot Day and clean up your cover shot act. The backdrops are simple so you’re the star of this show – put on your favourite outfit and get. it. done. in 20 minutes.

Available to individuals once a season in various cities, or I can put together a date just for you with groups of 10 or more. It’s about a bit of bang for your buck and a serious upgrade on your dodgy iPhone selfies for professional profiles, networking and social media.

Sessions priced at $145 each, inc GST.

Tell me what you need.

Get in touch and tell me a little about your business and your image needs. I’ll get back to you with all the details, including pricing, within 48 hours. If you prefer to chat on the phone, you can reach me on 0412 002 676 (client enquiries only, telemarketers will be subjected to my singing).

happy customers

  • Booking Kate for the headshot was a no brainer! I had seen some of her beautiful work on Facebook and was totally inspired by her fresh and light approach. After all, that is how I want to be represented! Kate is a dag - loved her jokes. Easy and quick.

    Jo Duffy
    Jo Duffy Founder, Mindful Tribes
  • I've been following Kate on Instagram for a while and love her bright photos that capture natural moments. Her photography isn't staged, and I love that. Plus her captions are always clever and make me smile (you're so relatable!), so when it came time that I needed a shoot I knew I wanted to partner with someone fun. I've never had a professional photo shoot before and she provided some great ideas on what we should do.

    Yasemin Tanzirel
    Yasemin Tanzirel Artist
  • Sharing a win, if that's ok, and a huge thank you to Kate Dyer. Last night I shared an introduction post on my Facebook business page and it reached 1600 people! I only have a handful of followers (although my follower numbers have jumped up following the post) and to date I think that my highest ever post reach was around the 300 mark.It seems that investing in head shots certainly pays off! I'm using this as an example for my clients to get their professional shots done.

    Kryshla Havalis
    Kryshla Havalis Social Style Consulting