When was the last time you had a family portrait taken? In my family, it was with my sister and parents in about 1998, in a studio where the photographer made me rest my elbows in a nest of tulle. I’m not really a tulle person.

My issue with traditional family portraits is that they don’t really say much about the family in them. They are posed, everyone is wearing their best clothes and everyone’s face hurts from smiling on demand. I think this is why we haven’t had one done since 1998, despite how important I think they are.

I still think family photography is a hugely important experience, I just feel like it could be a far more enjoyable experience.

This is where Moving Portraits comes in – a family portrait experience that is literally a piece of cake – if you want to bake a cake during your session, let’s do it! Why can’t it be as easy as having someone over to your home and sharing a cup of tea? My goal is for it to be just that.

But don’t take my word for it – I just received this email from Billy and Scarlett’s mum. It totally made my day.

Family photography. The thought has always part appealed, part appalled me. Most results I’ve seen from friends after hours of a shoot are shots of parents looking stressed, kids looking strange and strained and all against a fuzzy dream like background.


When I heard what your ideas were for a family shoot, I thought we should definitely give it a go. Especially with our kids at the beautiful ages of 6 and 4.


The concept of capturing a ‘normal’ day with the family at home, wild unbrushed hair for the kids, weekend clothes and no makeup for mum meant we’d be captured on film as we were. A precious saturday afternoon. Flour all over the table, faces and clothes while making grandma’s Anzac biscuit (loved that you caught her handwritten recipe on film…) Dirty hands and fingers planting herbs in the garden. No manufactured smiles. Silliness expected and respected!


It was as if, Kate, for an afternoon you were another member of the family. The kids thought you were a fabulous new friend and were so happy to show you their treasures and themselves.


The results…magic. My husband, the greatest cynic, was blown away. The kids and grandparents are thrilled. The music you added to the video created the mood that we felt. How did you know? When I watched it for the first time I cried… (that’s a good thing!)


So, thank you Kate! Very much. You’re brilliant.


Read more about what’s involved in a Moving Portraits on our information page.

Moving Portraits: Billy & Scarlett from Urban Safari Productions on Vimeo.

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