in a house on a street, there hung a picture. It was a photo of a family, taken years earlier. The children had perfect hair and new outfits but they looked uncomfortable. The parents wore matching skivvies and knitted sweaters and you had no idea what that family liked doing together, but it certainly didn’t involve sitting in a stuffy photo studio.

In another house, on another street, hung another picture. It was a photo of a family and the family were in their kitchen having breakfast, as families do, drinking juice from the glasses left over when all the Nutella was finished.

The kids actually had Nutella on their faces, because that was their favourite thing to put on toast. They were smiling those kinds of smiles where the corners of your eyes crease up because it’s a real smile and you’re having fun.

If these sound like your kind of family photos, then read on…


How much do you charge?

Family session fees are $175 for approximately 2 hours of photography at your home or location of choice.

Album packages are available from $450, and digital packages including printable images on USB start from $600.  For detailed pricing information please submit an enquiry and let me know how you’d like to display your images.

A Moving Portrait starts at $1500. Please send us an email or give us a call to talk for our full price list.

Do you do packages with album and prints?

We have an a-la-carte menu of extras to suit both your dreams and budget – we’ll email it to you when you first get in touch. We LOVE making albums and we think everyone should have printed photos, whether you do them yourself or have us print them for you at our favourite pro labs. The choice is yours.

Can I have the files on a CD or USB?

Yes! Of course you can. We strongly encourage you to print them out, make a book, collage, personalised mug or other novelty item too. And maybe save a copy to your computer ‘just in case’. We keep a back-up for a year but you should be aiming for a lot longer.

Don't people say never to work with kids or animals?

We heard that, but we didn’t listen. Kids and pets are our favourites! We have current Working with Children checks and our own crazy Pup named Banjo. We know all about Peppa Pig and can make mud pies like a masterchef.

What should we wear?

Wear some clothes. Any clothes. Really little kids can get away with nappies or even less, but generally speaking you should wear what you usually wear. If that is matching shirts and jeans, then maybe not. Just be yourself – if the kids want to choose a favourite outfit, even if it’s Spiderman, they will be happier and smilier.

Will you come to our house?

Yes! Perfect location – you have everything you need nearby, everyone is comfortable, you don’t have to drive anywhere and you get a record of what your family home was like at that point in time. You can tidy up a bit if you like, but don’t worry too much. I’m all about capturing you in the wild mess of your lounge room or kitchen or backyard. If you’d rather head out to a spot that’s special to your family, just lead the way!

Will you come to Bendigo/Humpty Doo/Fiji/somewhere else far away?

Yes! I am in Melbourne, so there might be a travel fee involved, but if you’re happy to cover that, I’ll come wherever you are. I bounce around the country from time to time, so send me an email no matter where you are – I might be in the neighbourhood soon.

Where should I print my photos?

I cannot stress enough the benefits of using a professional printer. Department store kiosks are really average in comparison so let us know if we can help by recommending a great lab or by arranging it for you.

How do we make a booking?

Shucks! If you’re keen as mustard, so am I. Send me an email or give me a call and we’ll get the ball rolling. I require a $150 deposit to lock in your date, which is subtracted from the total amount when it comes time to fix up the bill.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes! If you’d like to spoil a family with a photo session, we’ll make it happen. We can provide a gift card for you to pass along – simply get in touch with a few details.

Family photography. The thought has always part appealed, part appalled me. Most results I’ve seen from friends after hours of a shoot are shots of parents looking stressed, kids looking strange and strained and all against a fuzzy dream like background.


When I heard what your ideas were for a family shoot, I thought we should definitely give it a go. Especially with our kids at the beautiful ages of 6 and 4.


The concept of capturing a ‘normal’ day with the family at home, wild unbrushed hair for the kids, weekend clothes and no makeup for mum meant we’d be captured on film as we were. A precious saturday afternoon. Flour all over the table, faces and clothes while making grandma’s Anzac biscuit (loved that you caught her handwritten recipe on film…) Dirty hands and fingers planting herbs in the garden. No manufactured smiles. Silliness expected and respected!


It was as if, Kate, for an afternoon you were another member of the family. The kids thought you were a fabulous new friend and were so happy to show you their treasures and themselves.


The results…magic. My husband, the greatest cynic, was blown away. The kids and grandparents are thrilled. The music you added to the video created the mood that we felt. How did you know? When I watched it for the first time I cried… (that’s a good thing!)


So, thank you Kate! Very much. You’re brilliant.


Jane Cohen



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