Bronwyn’s 60th Birthday Video

What do you get a mother who has everything?

My very own Mum turned 60 last year and my sister and I were faced with the challenge of dreaming up an awesome gift. While she loves nice things, it’s her family that are her most treasured possession, so we decided to make a few visits to those relatives and have a chat about the birthday girl.

Enter the birthday video.

Sally and I visited every member of our family and a few of Mum’s best friends, all across Adelaide and as far away as Perth and Broome (a well-timed trip to WA made that possible with some forward planning). We asked them to share some of their best memories with Mum, and I put them all together in this video.

Personally, I think it beat the pants off of any Pandora charm we could have picked out.

Want help with the best birthday present ever?

Get in touch and we’ll chat about making something special for your family.

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